INA chair is a furniture solitaire.
 Its design is based on minimalism of material. The main idea is to emphasize the visual lightness, as well as the physical one, and to create a new architecture of a chair. INA features two intersecting pieces of wood with a spot to sit on. 

INA chair uses minimalism as a functional element.

The chair consists of the most necessary surfaces a seat and a back rest area. This fact prevents from slouching body and unhealthy sitting positions. The chair support pressure areas of users body needs.
The visual lightness of the chair is provocative.



The Price of Professor Jindrich Halabala 2017
International Competition furniture design and interior


28th International Trade Fair of Furniture, Accessories, Design and Architecture

Articles about INA chair

"The INA Chair is an elegant solution that shows us the way to infuse functionality in a product as simple as a chair by removing unnecessary complexities."

"It’s all about a reduction in material volume without sacrificing style."

"Featuring a very minimalistic design, the chair features just two intersecting portions of wood that offer a spot to sit either frontwards or backwards, depending on preference or desire."

"The chair by Miroslav Truben was probably one of the most material-saving chairs in history.

It retains the most basic part of the chair, seat and backrest."

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